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What Are The Unique Types Of Hotels To Choose From ?

What Are The Unique Types Of Hotels To Choose From ?

Travelers who are looking for accommodations, especially in a big city, may find an overwhelming array of options to choose from. While it's simple to opt for a known hotel brand and have a predictable experience, the following guide can help travelers who want to try something new or who have specific criteria in mind. The following are a few of the types of lodgings a visitor can choose from.

Hotels Vs. Motels

First of all, it's helpful to distinguish a hotel from a motel. The word "motel" is a combination of "motor" and "hotel," and it refers to accommodations for highway travelers. Most often motels are one or two-story buildings located just off of major interstate highways, and they offer a basic room with few if any amenities. A hotel, on the other hand, is typically located in a major city melbourne and serves hundreds of guests with rooms on multiple floors. Hotels offer a range of amenities, depending on their price, which can include room service, laundry, valet parking, and others.

The Boutique Hotel

This type of hotel is smaller than a standard hotel, serving less than a hundred guests. A hotel that describes itself as "boutique" is also independent, at least in style, from a corporate hotel. Even if it's owned by a major chain, it's likely to have unique and even quirky design features that create a memorable experience for guests. This type of hotel also offers many services and amenities, including concierge service and excellent food and beverage service.

The Resort Hotel

This type of hotel tends to be larger than a standard hotel, and it caters to people who are on vacation. A resort victoria hotel melbourne features many activities for recreation and relaxation, including outdoor and indoor pools, an on-site spa, and tennis courts. Resort hotels may also be located on or near a beach or golf course. Many resort hotels cater to families by providing special activities or even day camps for children.

The Extended-Stay Hotel

This type of hotel was first designed to serve business travelers who needed a place to stay for a week or more. Thus, extended-stay hotels provide a kitchen, living area, and bedroom for each guest. Nowadays, more and more travelers are opting for an extended-stay hotel even for shorter trips because they enjoy having the option to prepare meals in the room. A recent trend is the suite with multiple bedrooms, allowing groups to travel and stay together in comfort.

Of course, these are not the only options. With B & B hotels, apartment hotels, business hotels, and many other types of accommodations to choose from, travelers have the opportunity to enjoy the level of comfort and convenience they prefer.