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Common Video Advertising Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Common Video Advertising Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

There is no denying the power of online video. Statistics show that the second largest search engine on the planet is YouTube. This site gets millions of visitors on a daily basis, which is why small businesses are scrambling to get their videos on this platform.

Some business owners fail to realize just how complicated the video production process can be. Before beginning the media planning and buying agency process, a business owner needs to make sure they have a powerful video in place to distribute. Read below to find out more about the most common video marketing mistakes and what can be done to fix them.

There isn’t a Story in the Video

The main mistake that most newcomers to the world of video marketing make is neglecting to appeal to the emotions of their audience. If a video is boring and does not engage the watcher, they will usually turn it off and move on to the next thing. A business owner needs to focus on catching a watchers attention and then taking them on a journey.

Instead of making this mistake, a business owner needs to work with professionals to develop a script for their video. With a script in place, it will be much easier to avoid problems during this process.

Making a Video Too Long

Newcomers to video marketing also have the tendency to make a video too long. Ideally, a video should only be 2 minutes at the most. buying A longer video will usually bore the watcher and may cause a company to miss the mark with this advertising tool. Instead of making a video longer than it needs to be, a business owner will need to focus on getting their message across quickly.

The last thing a prospective customer wants is to watch a long video that lacks substance. Addressing the main idea of the video right away can help a business attract the attention they are after.

Poor Quality Videos are a Big Mistake

Some business owners think they can cut some corners by producing a video on their own. Without the right equipment, a business owner will usually make a video that looks very dated. Instead of putting out a low-quality representation of their company, a business owner will need to hire professionals to help them with the video making process.

Getting help with the production of a corporate video or TV commercial is essential for the success of these projects. Be sure to contact the professionals at Red Crow Marketing to find out more about the help they can provide.